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Our Exclusive Packages

All planning packages include Print Design!

Invitations, Favors & Gifts

A curated selection of our most popular Invitation Suites, Favors, and Gifts.  For one price, from ONE PLACE!

Virtual Wedding Planner

Information Coming Soon!

Officiant & Ministry

RevBea Olczak Headshot

Information Coming Soon!

Lilypad Preferred

This is our premier wedding package.  It covers everything from consulting, to coordinating and design.  All of the details that go into creating picture-perfect memories are thought of.  Lilypad Wedding and Events empowers you to “take the leap, and land on the Lilypad.”  


Lilypad "Stand by Me"

For the couple that wants the security of our knowledge and expertise, but wants to plan and design their own affair.  Lilypad Wedding and Events offers this partial planning package that will lead the happy couple to a flawless wedding day, while staying behind the scenes and allowing the couple to feel they are fully in control, but never lost, behind, or overwhelmed.

Lilypad "It's Your Day"

Now the planning is over and it’s time to enjoy your special day and let the memories be created!  Lilypad Wedding and Events takes the typical “Day-of-services” package and extends it to cover the most chaotic part of the planning process, the month before your special day.  While you need to focus on rehearsing vows and getting plenty of beauty sleep, we will dot your “I’s” and cross your “T’s”, so to speak.

Glam Squad

You will be our muse in styling the perfect event for YOU—We look at every detail, personally select each element, and work with you to design a space within the scope of your budget AND aesthetic.

Custom Design Work

Invitations.  Event Signage.  Favors.  You name it.  Our full service design studio will produce beautiful, one-of-a-kind items for your event to tie in all the elements and truely add a SIGNATURE TOUCH!

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